we. 3 September 2008 19:48
Chelyabinsk brand club addresses to the mass media and Chelyabinsk community with official comment on the subject of public resonance, provoked by the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world. 
tu. 2 September 2008 18:48
The official internet-resource of the activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world: is already opened in Chelyabinsk. The site purpose is the active informing of Russia and World community about course of preparation for record event. 
fr. 29 August 2008 11:41
The activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world can become not only planet’s record-holder as the biggest smiley made of the peoples, but go down in world history as the most planned flash mob. For the first time in Russia’s history the successful businessmens and megalopolis administration are taking part in organization of flash mob. City hall and all city services traditionally in these days prepare for the celebration of the South Ural capital’s anniversary. But the activity with “alive smiley” is the event absolutely unique by the size and by the scale. That is why it is in different preparation. The activity is dedicated to show Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants are friendly and frank. This event is dedicated to accentuate the community attention on the proactive social position of the city.  

we. 27 August 2008 18:08
Reference book of world records published annually can be supplement with the new record in september. The Guinness Book is in expection of the Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants record. The main feature consists in what every native of South Ural capital can take part in holding of the record.
mo. 25 August 2008 14:51
The world’s and Russia’s strongest men headed by Elbrus Nigmatullin will support the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world. This activity wich has not examples in history will be organised by the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands with city’s administration support. On the 14 th of September on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will be gathered about 10 000 peoples.  
mo. 18 August 2008 11:02
Earth observation satellite «QuickBird» is changing his stay orbit in the space. In a few days the satellite will receive the corresponding command from the Earth. This event soon will concern all inhabitants of Chelyabinsk - in September «QuickBird» will enter in the outer space over South Ural. 
fr. 8 August 2008 10:18
City of the severe metallurgists, Chelyabinsk will show the whole world his veritable face - advanced and laughing. On the 14 th of September on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will take place the unique and scale action. Eight thousand persons will be united in the common impulse and will demonstrate to the world the show, deserved Olympic ceremony.
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