Chelyabinsk will smile to the world.
City of the severe metallurgists, Chelyabinsk will show the whole world his veritable face - advanced and laughing. On the 14 th of September on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will take place the unique and scale action. Eight thousand persons will be united in the common impulse and will demonstrate to the world the show, deserved Olympic ceremony.
In the fixed time the participants of this activity must put on yellow clothes and form smiley, 80 meters in diameter. At this moment american satellite «QuickBird» will fly over the square, the photography from the helicopter and from the roofs of the nearby hight-rise buildings will be taking as well. The photos of this day will be placed on the Google-map. So, it’s possible to see such laughing Chelyabinsk for all tellurians. Certainly, this event will provoke resonance in the mass media, in the Internet- spaces and among community. We are the first among the cities who develop such a striking and bold action. Will become the first, will declare about Chelyabinsk on a wide footing.  
The action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world - is the cause for all inhabitants of Chelyabinsk to gather under satellite’s objective and to show to all the world theirs unity, friendliness and force. 
As say deputy mayor in the social questions Vadim Evdokimov, this action must to be symbolic not only on a city scale, but on federal level. It is not accidentally what the action was dated for City day and got the support of Chelyabinsk’s administration. This striking event is one of the proof, what Chelyabinsk is the upcoming, developed city and has what to show on the world scale. Everybody who want to go down in the history of his native city, can participate in this action. Support Chelyainsk - smile to the world!

For more information about this event and about invitations with the terms of the fluch-mob please contact the organizers of the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands: corporation company Intersviaz, group of clinics Stomatological practice (Stomatologicheskaia praktika)

The general information partners of the activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world : periodical Chelyabinski Rabochii and State Television and Radio Company of Chelyabinsk Yugni Ural.

P.S. At publication of the news please refer to the press service of the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands.



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