The satellite is approaching to Chelyabinsk
Earth observation satellite «QuickBird» is changing his stay orbit in the space. In a few days the satellite will receive the corresponding command from the Earth. This event soon will concern all inhabitants of Chelyabinsk - in September «QuickBird» will enter in the outer space over South Ural. 
Now the obscure name of the satellite «QuickBird» soon will go down in world history. To photograph the unique event - the smile of the whole city is commited to space device. At present time the satellite «QuickBird» is furrowing the space expanses at a height of 450 kilometres, what assures his passing above any earth area. Today the satellite is investigating the ganges of Antarctica, but soon it will course at Chelyabinsk .
Earth observation satellite «QuickBird» is destined to get the surface image with high spatial resolution. Having a high metrical precision, this device can do photos which area is 16,5õ16,5 kilometres. So «QuickBird» was chosen as a space camera for the photography of the activity -Chelyabinsk smiles to the world . This event is dated for a Chelyabinsk’s birthday and will be the sensation on a Russian scale. Practically each of 10 thousand participants of the activity will be able to descry himself on the spatial photo among the most laughing Chelyabinsk inhabitants.
  In according with idea of this activity organizers - Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands, on the 14 th of September on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will be gathered about 10 000 peoples . All participants of flesh mob will put on bright yellow raincoats, then will stand in the borders of lines painted on the square. As a result Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants will create gigantic smiley (view from abowe) 80 meters in diameter. The activity’s place will be circled by two helicopters with professional photographers and TV cameramans on the board. Moreover the satellite’s photograph will be used by Google for mapping applications (Google-maps). That is why the satellite photo of laughing Chelyabinsk will take merited place in the collection of unique Earth photos. 

The general information partners of the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world are periodical Chelyabinsky Rabochii and State Television and Radio Company of Chelyabinsk Yugni Ural .
The official partner of the action is radio station L-radio.

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Dmitry Brusyanin, 
public relation expert of the company Intersviaz



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