Chelyabinsk will appear in the Guinness Book of Records
Reference book of world records published annually can be supplement with the new record in september. The Guinness Book is in expection of the Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants record. The main feature consists in what every native of South Ural capital can take part in holding of the record.
The request for inclusion of a new record in the Guinness and Russian Book of records was made by the public association The brands’ club of Chelyabinsk. The matter concerns the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world. On the 14 th of September unprecedented flesh mob will be taken right in the center of the city. On the final day of celebration of the 272 th anniversary of Chelyabinsk on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will be gather about 10 000 peoples. It will be a collective record of all presents and at the same time the success of each individually. In the necessary moment at the instance of the leader the participants of the activity will stand in the borders of lines painted on the square. As a result Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants will create the most unique in history smiley (view from abowe) 80 meters in diameter. In this moment will be produced satellite photography of the Revolution Square and of the smiley by the satellite «QuickBird». Besides over the activity’s place will be circled by two helicopters with professional photographers and TV cameramans on the board. All the action will be photographed and videoed from the roof of the nearby hight-rise buildings.  
The action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world pretends minimum to national achievement. At present time the event falls into all global categories of reference book of world records as most first and most unique. The fixing of the record will be undertaken by the independent organization, what guarantees registration’s objectivity. The action will be organized by the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands with administration support of the city. 
The action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world as early was reported to be support by Russia’s and World’s strongest men headed by Elbrus Nigmatullin. 
The general information partners of the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world are periodical Chelyabinski Rabochii and State Television and Radio Company of Chelyabinsk Yugni Ural .
The official partners of the action are: radio station L-radio and newspaper Chelyabinski Rabochii.

P.S. At publication of the news please refer to the press service of the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands.

Dmitrii Brusyanin, 
public relation expert of the company Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands



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