The most planned flash mob
The activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world can become not only planet’s record-holder as the biggest smiley made of the peoples, but go down in world history as the most planned flash mob. For the first time in Russia’s history the successful businessmens and megalopolis administration are taking part in organization of flash mob. City hall and all city services traditionally in these days prepare for the celebration of the South Ural capital’s anniversary. But the activity with “alive smiley” is the event absolutely unique by the size and by the scale. That is why it is in different preparation. The activity is dedicated to show Chelyabinsk’s inhabitants are friendly and frank. This event is dedicated to accentuate the community attention on the proactive social position of the city.  

«I am glad to realize such a creative project in Chelyabinsk, - note deputy major in the social questions Vadim Evdokimov. Already in its name Chelyabinsk smiles to the world this modern activity is very positive. The idea itself must create the good mood of Chelyabinsk inhabitants and to become the bright final day of celebration of the 272 th anniversary of the city. This event will help Chelyabinsk to position itself not only as industrial and educational city, but as the cultural center».
First of all the city administration is worried about participants’s security during activity. By prior estimation on the Revolution Square (Ploshchad revolyutsiyi) will be gathered from 8 to 17 thousand peoples. Whereas, city central part can hold about 20 thousand peoples under the stipulation that, inhabitants will be stood shoulder to shoulder. This not simple aim is gived to the city police. At this moment Chelyabinsk’s administration of internal security services is working out the detail plan of activity’s security and is quantifying their policemans secured during flash mob.  
Remind, that on the 14 th of September at 11.30 a.m the inhabitants will stand in the borders of lines painted on the Revolution Square and will create record smiley in history (view from abowe). In this moment will be produced satellite shoot of the Revolution Square and of the smiley by the satellite «QuickBird». Besides over the activity’s place will be circled by two helicopters with professional photographers and TV cameramans on the board.  

As diameter of the smiley is 80 meters, city hall informed aubout stopping of traffic in square area on the the 14 th of September from 11.00 a.m to 13.30 p.m.  
The action will be organized by the public association Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands with administration support of the city. Administration of the youth affairs and student organization of Chelyabinsk will help to carry out the activity. It became known that at activity will take part about 5 thousand students of South Ural. As early was reported is made the request for inclusion of this smiley made of peoples in the Guinness and Russia Books of Records. The action will be support by Russia’s and World’s strongest men headed by Elbrus Nigmatullin. 

The general information partners of the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world are periodical Chelyabinsky Rabochy and State Television and Radio Company of Chelyabinsk Yugni Ural .
The official partners of the action are: radio station L-radio and newspaper Chelyabinsky Rabochy.

P.S. At publication of the news please refer to the press service of the Club of Chelyabinsk’s brands.

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