Chelyabinsk Internet smiles to the world
The official internet-resource of the activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world: is already opened in Chelyabinsk. The site purpose is the active informing of Russia and World community about course of preparation for record event. 

The most positive portal of Russian Internet contains the most current and reliable information about activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world. The site will allow to the net surfer from any part of the world to know and to discuss the most current news, preparation plans and estimate the scale of this activity. Every site visitor can leave his opinion about releases and even make his contribution to the event organization. This site is the international area of information, so pari-passu with Russian content there is English version with quality literary translation.  
This site is on-line representation of activity organizers - Chelyabinsk brand club. In the separate part is described the creation history of the unique association, there are information about club’s aims , objects and prospects.  
By organizers’ opinion own site of activity Chelyabinsk smiles to the world will have joined Chelyabinsk inhabitants to the record flash mob until activity happen. Just on the site all the world will see the participantsĺ faces. On the most laughing portal of Russian Internet will be presented the first releases of past action: photo-reports from helicopters and from the roof of the nearby hight-rise buildings, as well as photos of satellite «QuickBird». This site is the active press-centre for the mass media representatives. All press-releases and mass media publications are placed on-line on this resource. Site access is free of charge for Intersviaz subscribers.  
General information partners of the action Chelyabinsk smiles to the world are periodical Chelyabinsky Rabochy and State Television and Radio Company of Chelyabinsk Yugnyi Ural .
The official partners of the action are: radio station L-radio and newspaper Chelyabinsky Rabochy.
P.S. At publication of the news please refer to the press service of Chelyabinsk brands club.

Official activity site:

Dmitry Brusyanin 8-919-111-8-000
Elena Pukalo 235-64-74
Ekaterina Burdovskaia 235-49-90

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